InZIG Award for Interprofessional Cooperation / Excellent Medication Management

Wednesday, 29. May 2019

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Interprofessionelle Zusammenarbeit im Gesundheitswesen (InZIG) e.V. has awarded the cooperation of Dr Barsom Aktas from the Engel Pharmacy and the physician network Mainarzt from Ochsenfurt with the Award for Interprofessional Cooperation.

"Dr Aktas and the network of physicians do not wait until medication management receives a billing number, but are already working together to improve the drug therapy of multimorbid patients with multi-medication: patient-centred, interprofessional, very convincing," said pharmacist Dr Anna Laven, chairwoman of the board of InZIG, at the award ceremony in Berlin on the 11th of May.

Using a form similar to a letter of referral, called "Pharmaceutical Consultation" by Aktas, the physician requests the pharmaceutical expertise in accordance with a type 3 medication analysis. In addition to this letter of referral to the pharmacist, the physician also submits the diagnosis according to ICD-10 and the patient's national medication regime (BMP). After a one-hour consultation with the patient, the pharmacist works out suggestions for the drug-related problems that have been identified and forwards these to the physician, who determines the further medical procedure. The physician or pharmacist discusses the results with the patient and follows them up - a total of about two hours is required to complete the entire procedure in the pharmacy for each patient. The InZIG jury also found it particularly exciting that a special telephone connection was set up between the physician and the pharmacist to enable rapid communication during routine operations. 25 medication analyses were carried out over an eight-month period, during which the expected problems were noticed: Only two thirds of the drugs were known to the attending physician, in seven cases the medication plan was faulty, two double prescriptions were discovered and twice drugs were prescribed for which an intolerance was already noted on the BMP.

Dr Petra Sandow, manager of a practice for general medicine in Berlin, emphasises: "We have known for a long time that cooperation between healthcare professions is important and good for the patient. In order to convince everyone to become more interprofessionally involved, we need well-functioning implementation proposals, such as the one presented by our awardee - and in addition, digital solutions that facilitate cooperation. We also need support from the insurance companies. Together we are able to detect medication errors and thus probably more than just potential harm to the patient. In the medium term, on the other hand, there must be a reasonable remuneration that cannot be paid by patients, physicians and pharmacists alone or not at all" - especially since the measure itself reduces costs. In Aktas' case: 10 prescription drugs deleted, a problem solved that required permanent lymph drainage and prevented hospitalisation.

The InZIG wants to continue to support the implementation of measures that directly reach the patient. The German Award for Interprofessional Cooperation will be announced on the International Day of Patient Safety on the 17th of September and will be awarded at the following InZIG annual meeting. The competition is looking for projects that show how the situation of patients has improved as a result of interprofessional cooperation. Take part and shape interprofessional cooperation as you and your patients need it: As a patient representative, health or healthcare professional or institution, you can achieve a lot by participating in the call for proposals or by becoming an InZIG member.

Termine zum Vormerken

International Day of Patient Safety: 17th September 2019
  • project entry German Award for Interprofessional Cooperation 2020: until 31st January 2020
  • general meeting 2020: 25th April 2020, 8:30 – 10:30
  • InZIG annual meeting 2020: 25th April 2020, 11:00 – 19:00

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