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Friday, 24. March 2023

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Interprofessional Collaboration in Complex Patient Care Transition: A Qualitative Multi-Perspective Analysis


Healthcare professionals often feel challenged by complex patients and the associated care needs during care transition. Interprofessional collaboration (IPC) is considered an effective approach in such situations. However, a fragmented healthcare system can limit IPC.


This study explored experiences of Swiss healthcare professionals regarding complex patient care transition and the potential of IPC. Professionals from nursing, medicine, psychology, physiotherapy, dietetics and nutrition, social service, occupational therapy, and speech therapy were included.


A qualitative between-method triangulation design was applied, with two focus group discussions and ten individual interviews. The combination of different data-collection methods allowed us to explore complex patient care transition and to systematically add perspectives of healthcare professionals from different care settings.


Three main themes were identified:

(1) Participants described their vision of an ideal complex patient care transition, i.e., the status they would like to see implemented;

(2) participants reported challenges in complex patient care transition as experienced today; and

(3) participants suggested ways to improve complex patient care transition by IPC.

This study highlighted that healthcare professionals regarded IPC as an effective intervention to improve complex patient care transition. It emerged that sustainable implementation of IPC across care organizations is currently limited in Switzerland. In the absence of strong and direct promotion of IPC by the healthcare system, professionals in clinical practice can further promote IPC by finding hands-on solutions to overcome organizational boundaries.

Geese, F., & Schmitt, K.-U. (2023). Interprofessional Collaboration in Complex Patient Care Transition: A Qualitative Multi-Perspective Analysis. Healthcare, 11(3), 359.

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