We are the healthcare professionals.

We are doctors, pharmacists, caretakers and other healthcare professionals who deal with the fragmentation of the healthcare system in their everyday work. We see that practical cooperation as well as the patients and relatives’ perspective are often not taken into consideration enough. Together we want to make sure that things work better – for the benefit of the patient.

But how can we improve things?

We want to find answers to the following questions:

  • how can we make sure that more people with chronic diseases, that are in need of a great number of therapies, receive an integral and extensive treatment?
  • how can we learn to take individual care of a sick person, aligned with their very personal needs?
  • how can we use scarce resources and available time best in collective healthcare and in order to transmit information?

We want to use and develop methods and procedures to improve the current situation, concentrate forces, structure work, form and strengthen interprofessional teams.

This includes, in particular, that IP-Health is open to all professional groups in the healthcare system and also to patient representatives.

Interprofessional cooperation can only develop if the roles of individual professions are clearly defined and can be assumed by each team member. On this basis, particular goals of the treatment can be worked out together with the patient.

This is where IP-HEALTH shoulders responsibility and strengthens interprofessionalism. The aim is to shape the existing diagnostic and therapeutic options with an interprofessional team and together with patients.

The members of IP-HEALTH stand for respectful interaction with one another, including the patients. We want to promote the exchange and development of common perspectives in healthcare. Together it is easier, together it makes more sense and together it is more fun. Bringing in expertise from various vantage points results in a more precise healthcare that offers more time to each individual and strengthens everyone. We motivate and help each other to implement the patients' well-being from a professional perspective, not biased, not political.

Become a member of IP-HEALTH:

  • Are you looking for opportunities for interprofessional collaboration?
  • Do you want to design and adapt the existing therapy options for your patients together with your colleagues?
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